Our Story

Yoga’s been a lifelong passion of mine, starting alongside my mother during her practice when I was five. I loved everything about it, except for one thing --
Keeping my mat clean was a hassle
It dawned on me early on that I was just rolling whatever germs were on the gym/studio floors right onto the side of the mat I would practice on, and it grossed me out. So for years I would wash my mat after classes to keep it clean -- at least I would try to, but it was such a pain. Then I started folding my mat in the middle, which kept the floor side and my practice side separate. This was a game-changer for me --
And I noticed I wasn’t alone
I’d usually spot one or two other people in each class folding their mat before rolling it. But it was still an awkward task of folding something that wasn’t intended to be folded, trying to get the edges lined up after rolling, and having bumps in the mat where folds had been forced. I searched everywhere for mats that were intended to be folded, and the only ones that were available were travel mats, which were too thin or folded up like napkins. Surprised that a true fold and roll mat wasn’t available on the market...
I set out to make one
And it wasn’t easy. I worked with manufacturers across three continents and spent years researching and testing various materials and methods to create the most sanitary, durable, and functional mat to fold and roll.
Now, as a mother myself, I’m happy to be the one to share my practice alongside my three daughters, experiencing the joy and challenges of yoga -- and now entrepreneurship -- alongside with them.