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Patented fold & roll yoga mat to keep your practice off the floor
Featured in Wired.IT
"The Most Hygienic Yoga mat"

"A simple and at the same time ingenious way to deal with the problem" of keeping your practice side of the mat off the dirty floor.

HuffPost's "Best Products We Tried This Week"
"a genius concept"

"Perfect for any time, and especially perfect for the coronavirus era."

Why the Fold?

The flaw with traditional yoga mats: germs from the floor side of the mat roll right onto the practice side of the mat

The Koru Solution

Koru Mat is a 6mm thick high quality yoga mat (SGS Tested, 7P Free) with a design that includes an embossed fold.

Folding your mat keeps your practice side of the mat separate from the side that’s been on the floor. Plus, it rolls up in half the time.

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